I view my art (and myself!) as a perpetual work-in-progress. I like to paint, draw, and make collages. I love color, shapes, texture, and the feel of pen or paint on paper. I also dig alchemy and playing with materials to see what might happen, and I relish happy accidents.

In 2005, I began taking classes at the Alexandria Art League with Marsha Staiger. For a while, I was part of a Portland-based art collective, Arthouse23, led by JoAnn Gilles. In 2012, I completed the Comics Certificate Program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

My work has been shown at the Target Gallery, Convergence in Alexandria, and The People’s Gallery in Portland. Mostly, though, I make art for myself, because it’s fun.

I run postcard exchanges four times a year, as part of Spark. If you like that sort of thing and want to join us, get in touch!

Playing with alcohol inks on 5″x5″ clayboard, courtesy of my friend, Jackie Wood:












Postcards I made for the May 2019 exchange (colored pencil and marker on reporter paper):