Prose & Poetry

Selected Poetry & Fiction

Sweater Weather
Featured Ink Node poem, October 2018

A Tsunami Can Happen At Any Time
Featured Ink Node poem, July 2016

My Friend, The Painter Joan Miró
Published in The Rumpus, 2013
(Included in Behind the Stars, More Stars: The Tagus / Disquiet Collection of New Luso-American Writing, edited by Christopher Larkosh and Oona Patrick, 2019)

Snow Tease
Winner, Honorable Mention (National Category), The Joe Gouveia OuterMost Poetry Contest, 2015 Judge: Marge Piercy (Published at Ink Node)

Driving to Fred Meyer
Featured Ink Node poem, October 2014

This Is All I Know
Published in Stumptown Underground, Science: Fact or Fiction, 2012

Four Mile Run

Herbert and the Shoeshine Boy

Dead of winter
Inspired by Lené Gary’s art in SPARK 10, 2010

The Dark That Haunts Us
Inspired by Mary Cook’s art in SPARK 4, 2009

Essays/Guest Blog Posts

Book Shame (Moby Dick)
Hunger Mountain

Writing by Chance
Craft essay, Hunger Mountain, 2012

DIY–Are You a Real Writer?
Essay, Writer, Inc. Hunger Mountain, 2012

Think Inside the Box
Guest blog post, Words from the Heart, 2011

Is Talent Enough? Gatekeepers Decide
Essay, Pink Noise, 2011